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Occasionally patients have a space between some of their teeth, or even missing teeth. A dental bridge is often used to remedy the issue. The bridge uses a custom-made, porcelain tooth to fill in the gap, and the teeth on either side of the space are used to attach the bridge. The result is a natural-looking, space-less smile!

For patients who are missing many teeth, we typically use dental implants to also anchor the bridge. For decades, the dentists at Dental Care Somerset have created attractive bridges to eliminate large spaces between teeth. Our satisfied patients have the great smiles to prove our success!

How do we make dental bridges?

  • At your initial appointment, the dentist prepares the teeth on opposites sides of the space so they can support the bridge. Next, a temporary bridge is constructed, actually filling your space for the short-term after your first visit.
  • While you are wearing your temporary bridge, our dental laboratory team is hard at work creating the custom bridge that fits your teeth. This process takes about two weeks.
  • When you return for your second visit, the dentist cements your new, custom-built bridge in place, adjusting it if necessary to guarantee your comfort.

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